Gender Pay Gap

Hourly Rate Pay Gap

Mean 2.8%
Median 15.1%

The figures above show the mean (average) and median (mid-point) gender pay gap based on the hourly rates of pay as at the 5th April 2017. Below are the same figures for bonus payments. These are based on a very small proportion of the workforce as shown.

Bonus Rate

Mean 46.0%
Median 39.4%

Proportion Receiving a Bonus

Men 1.3%
Women 2.3%

Pay Quartiles

The figures below represent the proportion of employees that are represented in each quartile of data.

Quartile 1 - Upper81.9%18.1%
Quartile 2 - Upper Middle96.4%3.6%
Quartile 3 - Lower Middle75.6%24.4%
Quartile 4 - Lower57.7%42.3%

We are committed to ensuring all of our employees are recognised and rewarded fairly and equally, we are confident that our rates provide equality regardless of gender.  We aim to ensure the equal participation of women and men in all areas of work, at all levels and locations ensuring equal access to the same recognition, reward and career progression opportunities. 

We aim to continue with parity by way of continuous review and analysis; any resulting imbalance will be addressed by way of positive action and rectification.